Cynthia Oswald an artist and designer based out of Phoenixville, PA. She has always had a deep appreciation for how her direct environment can enhance the way she feels. It has led her to explore a blend of fine art and surface design. She devotes her personal creative time to blending watercolor or ink with her favorite landscapes, flora, and fauna. She also runs a boutique branding agency that helps passionate creatives bring their ideas to life through print and web design. When she’s not working, you can find her snuggling with her infant, chasing her toddler and dogs around her home, enjoying a fire with her husband, reading the latest in personal growth, daydreaming about Italy, or adventuring in a landscape nearby. Her daughters have reminded her that adventure and discovery are everywhere if you look close enough. Because of them, her inspiration well runs deep. 

Instagram: cynthiaoswalddesign


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