Gretchen Fuss is an accomplished artist and interior designer from Swarthmore, PA. She showed an interest and aptitude for art at an early age and was inspired by the work of her mother, a talented artist in her own right. Schooled at Moore College of Art & Design and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Gretchen continued to hone her craft in the corporate world at stops including The Franklin Mint, Burgoyne Greeting Cards and Toll Brothers. Gretchen specializes in abstracts and atmospheric landscapes using oils and acrylic on canvas. Her technique is to build layers of color and texture to create works that are somewhat recognizable but provoke the viewer to see things in the painting that only their own mind might allow. At the heart of her work is a desire to evoke emotions that bring light and joy. A mother of five grown daughters and a grandmother, Gretchen lives with her husband Mark and their dog Zambezi.  
Artist Statement: “As I mature, my artwork evolves more rapidly. My approach is less analytical, and I allow the imagery to just “happen.” This seems a more honest method of painting for me. Using the beauty found in nature as my inspiration, my goal is to create works that create impact through the use of color and texture.”

Instagram:  gretchenfuss

Website: Works of Art

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