Temre studied classical figure painting at University of Puget Sound in Washington State, Studio Art Center International in Florence Italy, and University of Arizona, eventually, earning her MFA in 2001. She turned her artistic focus toward the organic world when working as an Artist in Residence at The Trolley Museum of New York in the Hudson Valley in 2009. While there, her paintings depicted the natural process of renewal, embodied in the ever-changing landscape. While there she also explored this idea through painting flowers and plant parts. Currently Stansfield’s artwork draws from the local landscape in southern Pennsylvania further exploring the theme of perennial growth. Stanchfield says of her work, “While these paintings visually reference the Brandywine Valley and Lancaster County landscape of Pennsylvania, they are more broadly about communing with nature and the calm that results from such experiences. This mental atmosphere is represented through a muted palette, organic forms, and a rich, layered surface.”

Instagram:  temrestanchfieldart

Website:  temrestanchfield.com

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