Meghan O'Neill is a mixed media and encaustic artist and photographer who is a true believer in the notion that each one of us is inherently creative. She loves working in different mediums on different days. Her work is vibrant and whimsical. 
Travel and art are her passions, and she loves to combine the two, creating gorgeous travel art journals. Meghan has called Paris, Manhattan, Sydney, and most recently, Philadelphia home.

She loves working with encaustic and photographic encaustic. Encaustic medium is made of beeswax, damar resin and pigment and applied to fine art prints, or wooden substrates, with or without the use of encaustic oil paints. Meghan combines her love of photography with painting to create her photographic encaustic work.

Landscapes, cityscapes and portraits are her favorite subjects.She especially enjoys creating images illustrating everyday life in Italy and devotion in Southeast Asia. Meghan enjoys mixed media and working with acrylics, fine paper, alcohol ink, pastel and pencil to create whimsical angels and collages. She loves learning and exploring new artistic processes from other artists, either on a one-on-one basis or in small classes.
Meghan has recently opened a studio and gallery in Newtown Square where she works and offers classes for people who are looking to embrace their unique creativity.

Instagram: meghanoneillstudios


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