Monique Sarkessian is a Philadelphia artist who creates vibrant oil and encaustic wax paintings, salvaged and ceramic sculpture that bring healing joy found in the revelation of the presence and love of God in and around us. Monique enjoys using a variety of expressive art mediums to bring the viewer into the divine mysteries explored in her world.

She loves creating, it's what she has loved doing since age 4 when she decided to be a painter. Her work transforms homes shifting the atmosphere by bringing in the joy of the Lord and the colors of heaven. Monique has been painting, exhibiting and selling work professionally for nearly 40 years. 

Every subject she paints whether still life, abstract, human or animal figure, or symbolic images of faith all really have the same mission and theme: love. It's what she runs on and it's what she tries to express to those she comes in contact with.

Her work speaks to collectors' hearts through the joy and love of God by the vibrant color and jubilant depictions that transform the viewers and invite them to stay engaged in the relationship between artist-creation-viewer in a never-ending stream. 

It all starts with love. The love of Father God for all His precious children comes down to Earth and keeps spreading throughout all creation.

Instagram:  moniquesarkessianart


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